Investigation Rubric
Name: ________________________ Date: ________________________

Title: ____________________________

Copied question, procedures, claims, and evidence as directed
Did not copy information as directed
Copied some information as directed
Copied most information as directed
Copied all information as directed
Prediction/ Hypothesis
Did not include prediction and did not include reasoning
Did not include prediction or did not include reasoning
Wrote prediction, but reasoning was unclear
Wrote prediction and clearly explained reasoning
Data/Charts/ Observations/ Graphs
Recorded little information or observations
Recorded some information and observations
Recorded most information and observations, somewhat unclear or accurate
clearly and accurately recorded all information and observations
Did not state conclusion or did not explain
Stated conclusion, but did not explain
Stated conclusion, but explanation was somewhat unclear
Stated and explained conclusion
Minimal reflection upon learning
Little reflection upon learning
Reflected upon learning but was unclear in passages
Clearly reflected upon learning

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