Portfolio Assessment

Title: ____________________________

Portfolio items are in no specific order or category.
Portfolio is in order by category, but not in chronological (date) order.
Prtfolio is neatly organized by category and date for most items, with only a few (2 or less) items out of order.
Portfolio is completely organized by category and date for all items.
Portfolio is missing at least one of the required artifacts from each category.
Portfolio contains most of the required items, with no more than two missing items in all.
Portfolio contains all of the required amount of items, my selections were thoughtful.
Above the expectation. Portfolio contains more than the required amount of items for this assessment. My selections were well-thought out.
Portfolio is not very presentable. It has no particular order, a weak title page if at all ...just thrown together. Writing is illegible, in need of improvement.
Portfolio is not messy,however, it is not neat. I could have done a better job at putting it together. Writing is slightly illegible in some places.
Portfolio is neat in appearance. Writing is legible, easy to read.
Portfolio is attractive and eye-catching in appearance. Writing is commendable.
Misses key points in explanations. Seems to have put very little effort into the project.
Explanations are somewhat unclear. Some effort into organizing portfolio and selecting items. Not last minute, however, more time could have been invested in creating the portfolio.
Good solid response with clear explanation of work selections. The student invested sufficient time to create a presentable portfolio.
Complete responses with a detailed explanations regarding work selections, highlighting student's high points. Time and effort were clearly invested in the project.
The reflection is missing altogether.
The reflection is weak, demonstrated by one to three sentences, lacking depth and understanding of self-evaluation.
The reflection is well-stated, at least one page in length. The student's thoughts are well-stated and coherent.
The reflection goes above and beyond the requirement, and is thought-provoking.

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