Teach a Section Project Rubric
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Incorporate vocabulary words from the section you are assigned. Include an example where applicable.
Vocabulary words are omitted entirely.
Vocabulary words are listed, but not defined. There are no examples of any sort.
Vocabulary words are listed and defined. There might be one or two examples for the entire project.
Vocabulary words are listed and defined. An example is given for each one where applicable.
Discuss concepts in the section. Include examples of how each concept works.
Concepts are not all present in the presentation. No examples.
Concepts are mostly present. No examples.
Concepts are all present. There may be one example.
Concepts are all present and examples of how each works are included.
Speak clearly when presenting to the class.
Student mumbles through the presentation, unable to be heard or understood.
Student mumbles through some of the presentation, but some of it can be heard and understood.
Student speaks loud enough to be heard, but too fast to be understood clearly.
Student speaks clearly and slowly enough to be understood.
Student works well in the group with others. Each group member does a fair share of the work.
Student does not do any of the work at all.
Student occasionally pitches in, but for the most part, leaves the work to the others.
Student helps in making the presentation, but does not help in giving it. -Or- Student gives the presentation, but does not help in making it.
Student helps in both making the presentation and in giving it. Student talks for an equal amount of time as his or her partners.
Student uses all resources available to them in order to get the project done. This may include pictures or demonstrations approved by the teacher.
Student simply presents the text with nothing additional.
Student has one or two pictures or diagrams, but they have little connection to the material.
Student has one or two pictures or diagrams with some connection to the material, but could use more.
Student uses a reasonable amount of pictures to demonstrate their points. They may also have used a demonstration (pre-approved by Mrs. Valentine)

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