Trip to the Grocery Store

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Students will generate a shopping list of 5 items needed using Boardmaker program.
Student requires assistance.
Student is able to locate 1-2 items independently.
Student is able to locate 3-4 items independently.
Student to able to locate all 5 items independently.
Student will identify target vocabulary in the grocery store when provided with function.
Student can identities 1-2 vocabulary items.
Student identifies 3-4 vocabulary items.
Student identifies 4-5 vocabulary items.
Student identifies all target vocabulary items.
Student will navigate the supermarket and locate items on shopping list.
Student requires assistance in locating items.
Student locates 1-2 items on shopping list.
Student locates 3-4 items
Student locates all items on a shopping list.
Student use appropriate greetings and politeness markers.
Students requires prompting.
Student produces with 2-3 prompts.
Student produces one greeting or politeness marker.
Student uses appropriate greetings and politeness markers independently.
Student will enter checkout, place items on belt and pay cashier.
Student requires significant prompting. More than 5 verbal or gestural prompts.
Student enters checkout, but needs 3-4 prompts to complete task.
Student enters checkout, places items on belt, but requires 1-2 prompts when paying cashier.
Student enters checkout, places items on belt and pays for items independently.

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