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Students understand characteristics of a good citizen.
Able to genearate a list of citezenship characteristics
Compare and contrast acceptable citizenship with unacceptable citizenship characteristics
Choose a famous American hero and identify their citizenship characteristics.
Design the profile of the ideal citizen.
Students will identify what type of citizen they think they are.
Illustrate themselves being a character in the story that has citizenship characteristics.
Compare/contrast them-selves from a character from a citizenship story.
Make a family tree showing their family members having citizenship characteristics.
Choose a character from a story and explain/prove how they are the same.
Students will explore ways to develop productive citizenship character.
Make a list of citizenship characteristics they have.
Write or explain what citizenship characteristics they have.
Brainstorm ways people can develop citizenship
Investigate a famous American and how they developed citizenship
Students will investigate various American Heroes whose citizenship enhanced their environment.
Create a collage of pictures, artifacts and articles of people who have been positively affected by Famous Americans whose citizenship changed their lives.
Develop questions you would like to ask about how they feel about their struggles and triumphs of being an American citizen
Investigate what motivate(ed) Famous American people to stand up for what they believe in. Make a flyer detailing the findings.
Make a graph of the difficulties Famous Americans had in developing their citizenship to accomplishing their goals

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