Name: __________________________ Subject: Action Verbs


Action Time


  Do you like action? Superheroes love action and exercise!Today you will become an action superhero!
  Your job is to create a board game and a dance for the other team! You will also need to answer a few questions and make your own games about action and exercise. Don't forget: EVERYTHING YOU DO MUST HAVE ACTION VERBS AND ACTION EXPRESSIONS!
  1. Put the forms your teacher gave you in front of you. You will watch a LazyTown video and complete a questionnaire.
a. Go to
b. Watch the video many times and tick on the form ONLY the actions you see in the video.
c. Do you like these actions? Write YES or NO next to each action.

2. Now your team will design a Wordsearch! With your team member:
a. Go to
b. Make a Wordsearch with all the ACTION WORDS you learned in the lesson with your teacher.
c. Click 'print' and put the page in the folder your teacher gave you!

3. Now you will design a board game for you, your teacher and the other team.
a. Go to
b. Choose from the list the following action verbs to put on your game (WALK, RUN, DANCE, PLAYSOCCER, JUMP)
c. Press ‘make it' to make the game. Print the board game.
d. On the empty spaces put all the other action words you learned in the lesson. Now, put the ready game in your folder!

4. Think of all the action words in this lesson. Make a dance for 2 minutes!You will show your dance in class!
  Your teacher will give you a form. Complete the form and put it in your team folder!
  Congratulations! You are now an action superhero! You exercised and learned many new words! Send an email to your teacher and tell her your new 'Action Superhero' name!!!

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