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Ten Critical Tips For Student Teachers

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Landing a job as a student teacher can be an important step in getting a job as a permanent educator, but it can often be a stressful situation to deal with. Their level of authority may be unclear and they may lack help from their fellow teachers. This article highlights some useful tips for student teachers to aid them through their first assignments.

Tip number one is to always be punctual. If you turn up late to classes, then you will not start off on the right foot with your supervising teacher. If you arrive to a class where the teaching has already started, you risk creating an awkward situation between yourself.

Tip number two, make sure that you are always dressed appropriately. You can never overdress at your student teacher assignments, as dressing professionally can help to lend you authority, especially if you look quite young.

Tip number three, you will be required to be flexible with your time. If you usually teach three classes a week, and your supervising teacher asks you to take on another class, then this could be the chance to gain some extra experience that may define you from others. It also shows your impressive dedication to your student teacher job.

Tip number four, do not break the school rules. Don't chew gum if it is against the rules or smoke during your lunch hour. This comes across as extremely unprofessional and the supervising teacher would definitely count this against you.

Tip number five, always plan ahead and be organized. This means making lesson plans every day, do not wait until the morning to create this plan as this will look unprofessional and will be reflected in the quality of your classes. Browse through some online teaching resources to help spark inspiration during your first few weeks when you may be stuck for ideas.

Tip number six, become friends with the office staff. If you think you will be staying in the same area, making friends with the people in the administration office is an important step to take, as these people's opinions may have an impact on whether or not you get hired. Do not underestimate their influence within the school, they could make your teaching life a lot easier.

Tip number seven, if you are taking notes about students or classroom experiences, remember to keep them confidential. Either change the names or don't use them at all. You never know who you will be teaching or what their relationship may be to your supervising teacher.

Tip number eight, do not give into the temptation to gossip. As a student teacher, this would be a very risky decision to make as you may say something that you will regret. Remember, you could be working with these teachers in the near future.

Tip number nine, remember to be professional with other teachers. Treat them with respect whenever you talk to them, and they will respect you in return. You could learn a lot from these people and they are more likely to share their expertise with you if you seem genuinely interested in their experiences as a teacher.

Tip number ten, you may get sick at some point during your student teacher career, but don't wait until the last minute to call in sick if this is the case. If you do, this could result in an awkward last second substitution which will make you look bad in front of your students. Call in as soon as you can to let them know.

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