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My name is Cris. I have been a K-12 teacher for over two decades. I have taught at just about all grade levels until I found my home in elementary special education. I have three children all in elementary school currently. My husband and I reside just outside of New York City.

My goal with Teacher Jet was at first post things that I could access and use from school and home. I ran a small web site on Homestead.com. Then a group of teachers kept asking if they could use the materials in their classes as well. So this year I had the big idea to share my materials with the world. I hope you enjoy them and find them useful.

My close friend Nigel maintains the web site for me. I know very little about web sites and how to create and maintain them, so he is a big help. I do keep a class web site for my students and parents, but it is entirely automated.

As the summer and holidays come, I will post many new materials. I'd like to make it as large and useful as possible. Thanks for taking a few minutes out of your life to read my about me. I am required to write x amount of lesson plans per month for work, I will be sharing all of those with you. My family is filled with teachers. They will also be posting a number of great resources for you and me on Teacher Jet.

I'd love if you would join be on this adventure. You can keep up with me through my email newsletter, and Facebook. I don't post more than a few times a month, but it will only be at times when I have a lot to share. I'm also just starting to understand Twitter, so please bare with me there. The younger teachers always like tweets, so I thought I should get with the program too.

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