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10 Steps to Becoming a Teacher

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Teaching can be a very reward profession. If you have a particular passion for a subject and enjoy interacting with students, then a career in education might just be the path for you. But firstly, there are some steps for you to take before you can teach your first class.

Firstly, research the education system for the state you wish to work in as each one operates in a different way and you may find that you suit one more than the other. There is Public Education, which is run by the government from kindergarten to the 12th grade. Meanwhile, to work in Private Education, you may not need a teaching degree or certification, depending on which state you are in. Private schools are independent of the local, state and federal government, and therefore develop their own curriculum.

Being a teacher is suitable for everyone as many skills are required for a career in the classroom, which is why the next step is to ask yourself some important questions, such as whether you like the skills demanded of you as a teacher.

The third step is to find a teacher preparation program that fits you. They exist in every state so try to find one that offers a variety of options. The degrees available, cost and location should also be important factors in your decision.

Choosing the right specialty to focus on is also extremely important as you may find that you are more drawn towards one than another. Take time to research each one of the different focuses: Early Childhood Programs, Elementary School, Secondary Education, Specialty Degrees and Administration. These are just a few of the many options available in an educational career.

Once you are well into your degree, it may be time to start looking for some work experience. Not only will this give you valuable skills, it will also look good on your resume when you start to apply for jobs.

After graduating with your teaching degree, the first thing on your mind should be qualifying for certification. This involves taken examinations to prove your competency in your chosen field. Once you have passed this exam and met all the other requirements, then the application for state certification begins.

The next big and important step is actually getting hired. Now this won't happen by itself, so the first step is to be proactive in your search. If you know a school has a job opening, make an appointment and head down there, professionally dressed with a resume in hand. Leave them with your contact details and if they don't call you, call them and politely enquire.

The next step is to look into the various benefits that school offers and the professional expectations they expect such as professional ethics but these can vary on the public or private status of the school. The main benefits that you need to ask about when you apply for a school job are: salary, vacation, healthcare, insurance and retirement.

If you have applied for a job and meet all the necessary requirements, then the school may offer you a contract. Teaching should not be a job you take just to pay the bills, it should be commitment that you make, and this contract will emphasize this. Before you sign, take the time to read through it all. Although this may be boring, any information that isn't correct can be made right before you commit.

Finally, once you have your degree, certification and contract signed you may be wondering what lies ahead of you. Being organized is a necessity in this career as you will be expected to make good lesson plans for each day of the week.

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