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5 Must Do Things For New Teachers

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Being a new teacher in a school can seem like a pretty daunting task and no matter how much experience you may have behind you, will always have a niggling feeling of uncertainty. Questions will start to run through your head that may plant feelings of doubt, but these are valid issues that you will return to many times during your career. This article will help to give you some basic ideas to help you to become a successful teacher.

Firstly, don't isolate yourself from the other teachers. As a new member of the school's teaching community, you may feel overwhelmed with teaching demands, a fear of failing and uncertain about the greatest course of action. Take initiative to develop friendly relationships with the more experienced teachers at your school, as they will be able to offer you advice that will prove extremely valuable.

Secondly, do not ignore school and state standards, no matter how pressured they may make you feel. These tests must be conducted to determine the performance of schools, allocate funds and gain the approval of the public. Although they may seem stressful, standardized tests will help you to discover what and how to teach, and convince the public that you are committed to the whole curriculum and don't just focus on your favorite parts. If you still want to eases you anxiety, offer to be on your school's committee to decide the standards.

Thirdly, treat your students as intelligent human beings and with the respect they deserve. Don't think of them as lazy and un-organized, but rather set an example yourself, by turning up to classes organized and returning papers with helpful and constructive feedback. If you respect your students, then they will appreciate you in return. Believe in them, especially during times when they don't believe in themselves. Instill confidence in them and encourage them to be independent in tasks.

Fourthly, smile as often as you can. This may sound simple, but teachers may not greet their students with a friendly face as often as they should, and it will not compromise your authority. No one knows what is going on in that student's life, they may have had a fight with their mom or dad, they may be being bullied. Cutting them some slack may work wonders. Establishing a positive and comfortable classroom environment will help the student to feel significant and valued, rather than undermined in a room where rules are more important.

Finally, relax, and don't worry so much about whether you are doing things right. Get to know your students and let them know that you are approachable and that your door is always open for them to discuss any personal or work problems. Make the class engaging for the students to help get them involved which will build their confidence and show that you are capable and organized. Don't spend all your time worrying about doing things right as they are bound to go wrong some times. Focus on your students and remember to enjoy what you are doing.

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